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Bertil W. Smith, MD

Dear Prospective Homeowners/sellers:

It is our pleasure to recommend Kathy Evans and Scott Booth as excellent real estate agents for anyone looking to purchase or sell their home. We put our home on the market in 2013 with one of their competitors and were sorely disappointed. The loose oversight, minimal marketing, and poor follow through resulted in only a few showings and a failure of the house to sell, despite being reasonably priced, during a six month period.

We took the house off the market for a year then we relisted with Kathy & Scott. The experience, immediately, was night and day. When pictures were taken of our home, we were given tips, suggestions and strategies for staging. On the day of the shoot, it was ensured that the photographer took pictures of all angles and the weather was perfect for appropriately capturing the million dollar ocean view from our roof deck.

Not only was the house heavily marketed, we were provided updates and copies of marketing materials. This resulted in more showings the first week on the market than the entire previous six months. In five short weeks we had an offer on the table. We worked with Kathy and Scott to negotiate with the buyers, and successfully increased their offer to the mid-range of our listed sale price, despite the initial offer being low and outside of our range.

The escrow process, like everything before it, was thoughtfully managed with detail-driven oversight. The appraisal was handled successfully, and appropriately supported our offer. In the end, everything closed seamlessly, even early.

Our biggest compliments are the straight forward approach and effective communication throughout the process. Expectations were set appropriately and the house was priced with the proper research and in-depth knowledge of the community. We were provided timely updates and communication from beginning to close. It’s quite telling when you never have to call your real estate agent, because they were always one step ahead, calling us, and proactive every step of the way.

It is truly amazing the difference a good real estate agent makes and we highly recommend Kathy and Scott.


Bertil W. Smith, MD
Lindsey M. Smith