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Bobby H.

This is a long-overdue review for Scott. A true professional and extremely competent Realtor.

The first house that I bought in La Jolla went very smoothly. He negotiated an excellent price for me and worked with me for years in finding the right house at the right price. His patience with me and willingness to show me so many properties was very much appreciated.

Fast forward five years and many, many showings later, he located another house that ticked all of the boxes in what I was looking for in an upgrade.

Although the first transaction went smoothly, the second one did not. Shockingly, the Title company missed a height restriction easement, and by the time we found out about it, the property closing had already been recorded.

Once Scott learned of the issue, he immediately went to work. He spent countless hours on the phone and helped me in making some moves in order to try and fix the situation. He got land surveyors involved and spent days working with other professionals in trying to get a better handle on what I should do.

I discussed what Scott had done with a number of real estate litigators and all were shocked at Scott’s foresight in making the moves he did in order to protect me in this multi-million dollar transaction. One attorney said, “Wow. I’m surprised that your Realtor did what he did,” another told me that “You have a rockstar of a Realtor” … and that he didn’t think many Realtors would think the way Scott did in that sort of complex situation. Point being, even my attorneys were impressed.

I have additional stories to tell about other transactions where Scott and Nicole kept me from making a bad financial decision. Seriously, do you think most Realtors would talk you out of a deal for a property when they know that their commission will be gone by doing so?!? This has happened a few times over the years be it for pricing or other issues.

Scott has also proven to be somebody I can turn to for real estate investment advice. He knows rents, flips, short term, long term, residential, and commercial, and can provide me with solid financial projections on all the deals I’ve looked at.

Scott’s connections at the beach are endless, and he can usually get me a first look at properties before they hit the market.

In addition, I have always been super impressed with Scott’s negotiation tactics. He knows when to get a time-limited offer in quick and when to hold back until the last minute. Scoring properties in a hyper-competitive market is not all about the price you offer but more importantly, about the terms you layout and the tactics you use in making the deal come together.

Well, there you have it. Scott’s business slogan is something like “flip flop attitude with suit and tie service” … I couldn’t agree with that more. When you work with Scott, you get a patient, well-connected and informed, laid-back type of guy who will turn it up when he needs to in order to get you what you’re looking for and act almost in a lawyering/fiduciary type of way to protect you in your real estate transactions.

No matter what type of real estate deal you are looking at, I can’t recommend him enough.